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The 2023 Business Review Conference was held on 07 December 2023 at Cresta Lodge in Msasa under the theme: “Transforming Economic Realities into Market Opportunities”. The Business Review Conference is an annual event that is hosted by the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) where critical issues relating to industry and commerce sectors are deliberated. Broad aspects related to the policy environment are discussed in an endeavour to lay down a sustainable path toward growth and profitability.

Accordingly, the Business Review Conference continues to be a unique platform where all Business Member Organizations including the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe, Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries, Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers, SMEs Association of Zimbabwe, and the Employers’ Confederation of Zimbabwe, among others, will be represented under one roof to discuss the economy. The 2023 Conference encompassed rich and sound discussions.

The Business Review Conference encompassed rich discussions with the year 2023 under review and looking forward to brighter prospects in 2024. The discussions were centred on the following topics: Interrogating the 2023 ZNCC State of Industry and Commerce Survey and Interrogating the 2023 Policy Landscape: Lessons and Recommendations.