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Following the successful visit of the Turkish Delegation to Zimbabwe in December 2023, the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC), in collaboration with the Turkish Electro Technology (TET) Electrical and Electronics Exporters Association, hosted Business-to-Business Meetings at Meikles Hotel in Harare on 12 March 2024. The primary objective of these meetings was to facilitate partnerships and explore business opportunities between Turkish companies in the electro and electronics sector and Zimbabwean businesses. This event provided a unique platform for Zimbabwean companies in the electro and electronics sector to engage with potential buyers and suppliers from Turkey, intending to establish mutually beneficial business relationships.


On 12 March 2024, a significant business meeting took place in Harare, Zimbabwe, between nine Turkish companies in the Elektro and Electronics sector and 64 Zimbabwean companies. The Turkish product catalogue included white goods, electronics, cables, and electricity production and distribution equipment and the Trade delegation included the following companies: Canozan Pano; Cefa Makina; Elektra Elektronik; Entes Elektronik; EPC Enerji; ESCO Elektrik; Kendal Elektrik; SIMFER Elektrik; and Untel Kablolari. This meeting aimed to explore and enhance bilateral trade and investment opportunities between the two countries in this sector. On the Zimbabwean side, the 64 companies that participated included CAPRI, Bhola, TV Sales & Home, Ames Engineering, Earthlink Technologies, Eco Lighting, Electrosales, Genking Power Services, GENS-R-US, Hi-Tech Power &Controls, JVS Projects, Konak Enterprises, PCS Global, Power Vision, Primus Energy, Quest Motors, Redecon, Supreme Cables, Teamview, TENDO, TV Sales & Home, Unicorn Trading, Webcal Air, and ZETDC, among others.

Event Highlights

The meeting generated a high level of excitement among the participants, with both Zimbabwean and Turkish companies expressing keen interest in potential collaborations. Post-event evaluations conducted through word-of-mouth interactions revealed a strong belief in the prospects for enhanced trade and investment between the two nations. Notably, some Turkish visitors expressed a willingness to trade with Zimbabwean companies they met during the event. Furthermore, there were indications of high prospects for Turkish companies to establish investments in Zimbabwe's energy sector.

The Chamber recognizes various organizations that played a critical part in ensuring that this event becomes a success. Special mention goes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the Türkiye Embassy in Zimbabwe.

Follow-up Visits

On 13 March, some Turkish companies visited the operational premises of Zimbabwean businesses they had engaged with during the previous day's meeting. These visits aimed to deepen the understanding of each other's operations and explore potential areas for collaboration. The Chamber is optimistic about the potential business deals on the horizon. There is a strong belief that the interactions at the event have laid a solid foundation for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Way Forward

To further enhance these partnerships, Zimbabwean and Turkish companies will engage in one-on-one communications to follow up on the deals agreed upon during the meeting. Zimbabwean companies have shown eagerness to start importing products from Turkey, citing superior quality and direct relationships established during the B2B meetings, which are expected to reduce trade risks.

Overall, the meeting between Turkish and Zimbabwean companies in the Elektro and Electronics sector was highly successful, with significant prospects for enhancing bilateral trade and investment. The Chamber looks forward to facilitating further interactions between the two parties and is committed to supporting the growth of these partnerships for the benefit of both nations.