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The Committee ensures that:

  • Effective audit functions are in place (both external and internal)
  • Adequate risk management processes are in place
  • An adequate internal control environment is established
  • Financial management processes are operating effectively
  • To consider all aspects of the external audit, including periodic tendering, appointment and remuneration of the external auditor; the nature and scope of the statutory audit; the recommendation of audited financial statements to the Board and the discussion of issues raised by the external auditor’s
  • To review all reports prepared by the external auditor and agree the programme of work proposed to address issues raised.


To organize and facilitate:

  • Linkage and communication with relevant stakeholders e.g. Government ministers, Parliament, Civic society
  • Lobbying
  • Advocacy
  • Linkages with the other organizations offering similar services to women in business
  • Reference point for the women in business support organizations
  • Exchange visits with other countries
  • Trade missions for the women in business
  • Market linkages



Formulate and monitor policy related to:

  • Production and review of fiscal and monetary policy input to Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and government
  • The committee acts as a think tank for economic research and development for the Chamber on Regional and global macroeconomics issues
  • Promoting ZNCC position on the Macro-economic policy framework of the country and production of business news and economic information for the business sector
  • The sub-committee is also responsible for overseeing the Chamber’s liaison and collaboration with other Business Member Organizations and relevant Professional Bodies, and is expected to liaise closely with all the other Chamber’s sub-committees where it will be expected to pick up issues for lobbying with the relevant stakeholders.
  • The committee stands as the “voice” of the Chamber, and is responsible for coming up with a calendar of engagements with all the relevant stakeholders


Terms of Reference:

  • Advising our Membership on the implications of existing trade pacts at both regional and international levels
  • Lobby for the hosting of the ACFTA secretariat in Zimbabwe as well as the Intra-Africa Trade Fair in December 2019
  • Making contributions/submissions to the upcoming National Trade Policy
  • Organising Trade Fairs, Investment and Trade trips/missions outside the country
  • Facilitating trade across boarders through coming up with white papers as well as engaging different agencies
  • Unlocking opportunities currently obtaining with the existing pacts or agreements


Terms of Reference:

The Committee shall evaluate and monitor policies and procedures related to:

  1. Finance
  • Finance and Administration policy systems and procedures
  • Administration of assets
  • Budgeting and budgetary control
  • Production of financial statements
  • Audit preparations (internal and external)
  • Fundraising
  1. Administration
  • Human resources
  • Procurement


Terms of Reference:

  • To arouse interest and to promote the use of appropriate forms of dispute resolution mechanisms for handling construction disputes
  • To provide basic knowledge, through organizing various training courses, for the ZNCC members so as to assist them to be versed with various mechanisms used in resolving disputes
  • The committee will establish and maintain its own Lists of Accredited Mediators, Expert Witnesses and Adjudicators (Lists), which are inclusive of ZNCC members.
  • Review and investigate, and wherever possible, resolve inquiries and complaints of Members/Employees concerning the terms and conditions of their employment or membership;
  • Recommend / approve to ZNCC the ADR/Legal Service Provider to be appointed on certain cases
  • Make recommendations to the ZNCC  National Executive Committee regarding the carriage of grievances
  • The Committee shall report to the National Executive Committee at least quarterly by delivering a written report to the President


Represent the interests of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) in the country

  • Database management - provides information about its members or products handled by the members, Trade Associations ie sub-sector groupings eg transport, health, retail etc
  • Business Network Opportunities: to further the interests of businesses. Local and international networking opportunities, mobilize effectively network of members spread across the whole country
  • Advocacy : advocate on behalf of the business community- undertake issue based lobby and advocacy campaigns on issues identified by its wider membership
  • CAPACITY BUILDING: (i) Quality Certification of members as we drive them towards formalisation, (ii) invest in members by increasing their skills and knowledge (iii) Develop and leverage partnerships with private sector organisations to increase the scope of services members can get from them; (iv) provide training to local trainers who understand the environment in their respective localities; (v) participate in national/ government and technical committees where relevant issues for our membership are discussed (vi) ICT capacitation for members
  • FUNDING AND MARKETS: Establish local and external markets for members products, Source affordable funding for members


Terms of Reference:

  • assist the Chamber in widening the sponsorship base
  • assisting management in devising strategies for attracting and retaining sponsors
  • link the Chamber with international donors to secure chamber assets
  • development of sponsorship packages and relationships
  • work with secretariat to plan and execute fundraising
  • along with the CEO, meet with current and prospective major donors and funders (foundations and corporations)
  • Advising Members on the implications of existing trade pacts at both regional and international levels
  • Organising Trade Fairs, Investment and Trade trips/missions outside the country
  • Facilitating trade across boarders through coming up with white papers as well as engaging different agencies
  • Assist members in interpreting trade protocols and advising on opportunities available


Terms of Reference:

  • Public and press relations
  • Linkage and networking between members and other markets both local and external
  • Congress preparations and management
  • Providing direction on the communications strategic planning process
  • Identifying ZNCC communication needs and priorities
  • Assessing and evaluating the delivery of communication periodically against the needs and/or expectations of the ZNCC Members
  • Developing and implementing an effective protocol relating to the approval of website content and messages to the membership, media and public generally
  • Developing and implementing an effective protocol for tracking media worthy content
  • Providing oversight on the implementation of the internal and external communication
  • Promoting recognition and awareness of the ZNCC brand
  • Providing advice, as appropriate, on communication matters as they arise


Membership drive which includes:

  • Advisory on strategies for recruiting new members in order to grow the membership base
  • Educating members on the requirements and benefits of membership
  • Developing membership-building programs
  • Developing and overseeing the implementation of membership satisfaction surveys
  • Advising and making recommendations on any issues relating to the provision of services to members