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Zimbabwe has been known to have the most diversified manufacturing sector within the region pre-2004, it was characterised by a strong and well organised value chain which was traceable from the source to the ultimate market. The turn to a dollarized economy led to a summersault shift in the structure of the economy, however this was preceded by the land reform process as well as trade and economic sanctions which were imposed upon Zimbabwe starting with the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Reform Act [ZDERA].

Inbred flaws in the form of structural weaknesses, a trade and current account gap and limited revenue growth, have remained a malfunction in the otherwise buoyant long-term economic growth course.

Key lessons on the Ease of doing business can be drawn from Rwanda, a country ranked number two, after Mauritius, in the Ease of doing business rankings in Africa. This follows the business mission to Rwanda trip in which the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) partnered Investment Access Group (IAG), and led a business delegation to Rwanda from 23 to26 January 2018.

1) Towards the end of last year, prices of basic commodities rose sharply, and thereafter, there were engagements between government, retailers, consumers and manufacturers. What was the outcome of those engagements?

Women-owned businesses are growing at twice the rate of all businesses and have done so for nearly two decades. Women business owners are optimistic about the future and almost all business women in Zimbabwe plan to grow their businesses over the next three to five years. It makes good business sense for the community to support these firms by providing knowledge, skills and tools for their growth and above all sustainable markets for their products.

The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) in partnership with Investment Access Group (IAG) led a business delegation to Rwanda from the 23rd to the 26th January 2018. The purpose of the trip was to scout for business opportunities for Zimbabwe in Rwanda .

The 3 day trade mission to Rwanda, saw the delegation engaging in Business-to-Business meetings with different key business stakeholders that shared relevant information, experiences and areas of synergies between Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

The head of delegation comprised of ZNCC president Dr  Ndhlukula, ZNCC Harare Branch Chairperson Mr. Archie Dongo, ZNCC Harare Branch Vice Chairperson Mr. Mike Kamungeremu and ZNCC Chief Executive Officer Mr. Christopher Mugaga.

Different sectors of Zimbabwe’s Business Community were represented including Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Ministry of Industry and Commerce. 


Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit making membership-based organisation that provides services designed to support its members in business development.  

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