Look, Learn and Share Business Visits (LLS)

24 May 2018
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Look, Learn and Share Business Visits (LLS) is a program targeting Women Owned Enterprises which aims to foster relations between women in business through proven experience from other successful enterprises.

Company Visits Done

Figtree Farm

Mothertouch Group of Schools

Navidale Textiles

What is the Purpose of LLS?

The purpose for ZNCC Women’s desk to facilitate this program for women entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe is to help women entrepreneurs and business leaders build their businesses to the next level, and also help raise their company profiles through a hands-on entrepreneurial experience.

The WD LLS program came about after, realizing the need for women entrepreneurs to participate in a business exchange program were budding entrepreneurs are given a chance to learn from successful women in business with proven experience.

Business exchange programs are one of the most important tools and relations for building a sustainable business and to improve business relations among women participating in the program. It is a win-win program where the host organizations can take advantage of the role women play across the corporate value chain i.e. as suppliers, customers and members of communities in which companies work. The visitors meet like-minded business people, and through the visits there is transfer of knowledge, a fresh eye on business ventures and it also opens up new markets and business opportunities.

How does it work?

To create sustainable company visits that in the long run can become traditional events on the chamber calendar. The model is run by ZNCC- WD. The visits will be done once in three months, with the host company being run or owned by a woman. The ZNCC WD will administer the program through information sharing and coordinating the event’s logistics and follow up activities. The visits will be done nationwide subject to the coordinating ZNCC office. The targeted participants are women entrepreneurs and each trip will target 20-25 participants. The WD will also make an effort to have financiers/development agencies take part in the visit to raise awareness on women run companies and also to interact with other women entrepreneurs.

Interested in Hosting a Site Visit?

What is it?

Through the program, ZNCC brings a small group of women entrepreneurs to visit your location, and allows you to highlight and market unique aspects of your organization.

How would the day go?

The agenda for the day (often 2-3 hours total) is rather flexible, and we can work with you to create an outline that suits your preferences. Companies have typically used this as a chance to describe their organizations and discuss various business opportunities. Some have offered tours, delivered a talk that highlights innovation or topics of interest in their industry, or coordinated a staff panel to share their own backgrounds and advice. Some offer opportunities for women entrepreneurs to mingle and network with staff before or after the session.

How many women should we expect?

Participation is typically limited to 20-25 entrepreneurs.

How does this benefit my company?

This is a great opportunity to develop brand recognition among women, market your business, develop contacts, and discover potential cooperation opportunities, acquire knowledge about different businesses owned by women

Have questions about the process? Ask us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our offices

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