Woman Owned Brand Label (WOB)

24 May 2018
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Woman Owned Brand Label (WOB) is a national campaign addressing the market gap for women owned products by providing a certified label to all standard certified members. Also creating sustainable markets for Women Owned Enterprises through the Supplier Diversity and Inclusion (SDI) Program.

Categories of Woman Owned Brands

Transport Services

Stationary and IT services

Quality Assurance Consulting

Marketing Services

Gardening and Cleaning services

Travel and Medical Tour Agents

Security Services

Protective Clothing

Real Estate


Consulting Services (Accounting and HR)

Agribusiness (Horticulture and Animal husbandry)

Corporate Branding

Baking and Confectionary

Manufacturing (i.e beverages, chemicals)

Hospitality Services (Accommodation, Catering, Events Management)

What is the Woman Owned Brand?

The Women Owned Brand Campaign aims to empower women entrepreneurs, support their access to markets and facilitate opportunities for growth and scaling so that they can play a stronger role in the Zimbabwean economy.

The programme has three main steps:

  • To certify businesses that are 51% owned, controlled and managed by a woman/women as Women Business Enterprises (WBE).
  • To conduct a consumer awareness campaign to persuade the public to support women in business (SDI Program)
  • To facilitate the growth and development of women-owned companies by building their capacity so that they can play a key role in the value chain and access more and better business opportunities in corporate supply chains.

Supplier Diversity and Inclusion program is an initiative that connects women entrepreneurs with markets particularly corporate supply chains by having an SDI Partner commit a certain percentage of their procurement budget to tap be accessed by ZNCC-WD certified WBEs.

What does being a part of the WoB mean?

Women Owned Businesses (WBEs) to become certified as a woman owned brand, businesses must show: 

  • Clear and documented evidence that at least 51% or more is women-owned, managed, and controlled.
  • The business must be open for at least one year.
  • The business owner must be a Zimbabwean citizen or legal resident alien.

Evidence must indicate that:

  • The contribution of capital and/or expertise by the woman business owner is real and substantial and in proportion to the interest owned.
  • The woman business owner must direct or cause the direction of management, policy, fiscal, and operational matters.
  • The woman business owner shall have the ability to perform in the area of specialty or expertise without reliance on either the finances or resources of a firm that is not owned by a woman.

Certification is done at the ZNCC regional or national offices. The ZNCC-WD does charge a non-refundable application fee. Certification must be renewed each year along with payment of annual fee if company gets business from SDI partners. Certification application forms can be obtained from ZNCC offices.

Have questions about the process? Ask us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our offices.

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